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  Mike and Adrianne Dunn  

About Us

Mike and Adrianne Dunn opened Montpelier Farms for business in 2008 with just a corn maze, pumpkin patch and hayrides.  Each year, additions, renovations and updates have been made to keep up with the growing crowds. “We appreciate each and every one of our guests.  We strive to put smiles on children’s faces, as well as make family traditions and wonderful memories here at Montpelier Farms.”

Outside of our Fun-Filled Fall Festival, we are a real working farm!  Whether we’re growing and baling straw and hay, planting corn and pumpkins, or even making improvements to the land... We are working all year round here at Montpelier Farms!

Mike Dunn, Owner and Operator of Montpelier Farms, passed away on August 24, 2015, just before the opening of the 2015 Fall Season.  Mike is survived by his wife Adrianne and daughter Berlin.  Adrianne, Berlin and the farm team plan to carry on Mike's dream and passion in continuing to build, grow and improve the Montpelier Farms Family Farm Park.

We sincerely want to thank all of our customers, patrons, friends and family for your continued support as we make every effort in sustaining Montpelier Farms as your yearly family tradition.

You are forever in our hearts Michael Dunn-  So God Made a Farmer... 

Anna Coon
General Manager
Angie Noell
Assistant  Manager
Kelly Cabrera
Liz Beavers
Jeffrey Beavers

Farm History

Montpelier of Moores Plains

Montpelier has been a working farm for several hundred years.  It was originally patented in 1673 as part of Calvert County (at the time, Prince George’s County did not exist).  The first owner was James Moore of England, then the farm was sold to the Smith family of Dunkirk, formally Smithville.  The mansion located on our property was built in the 1840’s by Stephen Belt and is now occupied by 15-20 Catholic Nuns!  The farm has been owned by some of the most prominent Prince George’s County families and passed down through generations, such as Smith, Hilleary, Belt, Bowie and Rogers.  Dr. Bowie of Providence Hospital remodeled the mansion in the 1940’s.  He was one of the founding members of the Marlboro Hunt Club and lived to be 100 years old.  Anne C. Rogers was one of the first female developers in Prince George’s County.  She built communities such as Rogers Heights and owned Montpelier, along with several thousand acres of adjoining property.  She also lived to be 100 years old.  The current Montpelier of Moores Plains is a parcel of 125 acres.  We also lease adjoining farms for agricultural purposes that stretch east to the Patuxent River.  With the decline of tobacco, the farm has grown up with mature forestation.  There is 80 acres of mature woodlands in the Preservation Program.  These woodlands were open clear fields and pastures, but like the majority of Prince George’s County, the fields are now woodlands.

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